I turned 40 on April 16, 2007. As I reflect on my life, there’s much I wonder about.

  • Where did I hope to be at this point in my life? Did I make it?
  • What character flaws have I battled with? Can I declare victory over any of them?
  • What criteria have I been using to judge my success? Are they realistic, ridiculous or easily excused?
  • Has my faith in Christ had a real impact on how I live my life? Am I just making a natural human progression toward maturity within some moral framework absent any true Divine intervention?
  • Are attempts at reinvention of myself just part of a mid-life crisis? Do I really want to change at all?
  • Have I lived a life worthy of being my daughter’s hero? Am I capable of instilling in her the values needed to live a life truly balanced between the need for other people and the importance of self-reliance? Do I even understand that?
  • Does God have me on a church planting team because He has gifted me to participate in such a daring work? Am I just here to prove to myself that my faith means something? Am I only part of this team because God is going to use this to destroy me so that I can truly be a man after His own heart?

Weighty issues all… answers take time.