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New Year’s Day. Traditionally, this is a day for reflection. This is a day when we look back at the previous year and evaluate “how we did” and then look forward to try and determine how we can “do better.” This is the day when the often-mocked and likely broken resolutions get made. Most of […]

So, I’m getting close to making some decisions… well, actually, I think I have made some decisions regarding my procrastination and how to move forward from here. My problem is that I seem utterly unregimentable. I can give myself a schedule, allow for free-time, make it seem perfectly reasonable and within days I’m chafing against […]

What a whirlwind this has been so far. I think I believed that this conference was going to be more missional theory… but it’s not. In fact, this conference is about moving from theory to action, or as Ed Stetzer so aptly put it, it’s about getting off our blessed assurance and doing something. We […]

We’re in for some pain… a lot of pain. It seems like that’s what God is telling us. Dave Gibbons told Francis Chan: The highest form of love is when you can love someone who you feel betrayed you, left you, or abandoned you. Let these people beat you up and love them still. God […]

Verge 2010 : Saturday Morning

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Hugh Halter – The Power of Our Posture The attitude of our body, the inflection of your voice – our non-verbals. Non-verbals are the most important part of our communication. Missional is the sending impulse. Incarnational is the posture and is more important. Missional without incarnational is ineffective. Our posture is disorienting for the unbeliever […]

Unedited notes from an AMAZING evening session – good stuff in here Disciple making is in every movement. We’re being discipled every day through media. The task of advertising is to create desire. Consumerism is being defined by what we consume. Consumerism is the alternative religion of our day. Without doubt it is the secular […]

Unedited notes from the afternoon session.(I missed a chunk of this session) Dave Ferguson A big part of this is establishing apostolic culture. Ordain every Christ-follower. You are a chosen people, you are a royal priesthood – the priesthood of all believers Lead with a “Yes” – ask “How” later on. Develop a “yes” reflex. […]

Unedited notes from the morning session. Has to do with the organizational structure of movements. A starfish has a structure where any segment has the possibility to reproduce the entire structure. There’s a movement in every one of us. Begin with the end in mind – plant a movement, don’t just plant a church. Neil […]

Unedited Notes from the morning breakout. What does it take to really build a multiplicative infrastructure that moves throughout the world? The secret is “you.” It’s within you – within every follower of Christ. They key is the presence of Christ in us. We all have the secret, but we just cover it up with […]

Verge was inspired by Alan Hirsch’s Book – The Forgotten Ways. In the opening video, Alan Hirsch talks about the central theme: Jesus is Lord – he calls it a worldview in three words – it’s the centerpiece and all other aspects of a missional movement revolve around this. Tonight there were two speakers discussing […]

Hopefully, you see in these writings a man who is staying The Course and pursuing The Path amidst the pitfalls and selfish ways of being a son of Adam. I pray earnestly that my writing would encourage some of you by showing you that this journey - though arduous and sometimes tragic - is a journey of great satisfaction. A satisfaction greater than our greatest imaginings. The trials and refining fire of tribulation are to be recognized as a small shadow of the suffering of our Savior so that we can rejoice, as Peter and the disciples did, to be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the Name.