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Agendaless neighboring

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A brief recipe for agendaless neighboring. Make regular walks through your community – weekday evenings, weekends – say “hi” to everyone you encounter – be visible Pray for the people you see and ask God to cultivate a real love for them in your heart People you actually get to meet and talk to, write […]

Leaving the convention

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I stayed long enough to ensure my vote for state delegate was counted, but due to my ever-present battle with bronchitis, I could stay no longer. Oddly enough, there are more people still coming in. It’s amazing to see really – this many people out on a Saturday not to see a sports event, but […]

Today, part 2

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Behind me there’s a debate going on regarding abortion and choice. Both of the debaters claim Christ and they are sharply divided on the issue while in complete agreement about the morality of the issue. I interrupt this post with the fact that Sean Astin just walked up to the podium to declare his joy […]


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I’m sitting here in the Travis county expo center after sitting in a 30 min traffic jam and standing in an incredibly long line. Now we all wait for another hour for the actual start of the convention. As I stare out at the sea of Hillary and Obama signs I can’t help but wonder […]

Reaching your neighbors

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As Christians in the 21st century, many of us (myself included) have been victims of a propaganda campaign. We’ve been taught, by and large, that because the “world” is evil, we must do our best to guard ourselves from it. While this is actually supported by Scripture (), the practical effect of how this was […]

Providence and strangers

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This past Saturday while my family and I were returning from our day of Earth Weekend festivities, we waited at the bus stop at Cesar Chavez & Brazos waiting for the 26 to arrive. While standing there watching some students apply a “Don’t Dump” decal on the storm drain, I met a man whose name […]

Hopefully, you see in these writings a man who is staying The Course and pursuing The Path amidst the pitfalls and selfish ways of being a son of Adam. I pray earnestly that my writing would encourage some of you by showing you that this journey - though arduous and sometimes tragic - is a journey of great satisfaction. A satisfaction greater than our greatest imaginings. The trials and refining fire of tribulation are to be recognized as a small shadow of the suffering of our Savior so that we can rejoice, as Peter and the disciples did, to be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the Name.