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Polemic on Christian Politics

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I hesitate to write this article for a variety of reasons: The likelihood of offending brothers and sisters in Christ is great (though I do not wish to do so) My views are contrary to the norm and may be used as fodder by enemies of the Cross to prove points I do not support […]

Stop being a poser Christian

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Yesterday, I satirized the post-modern missional church-planting movement. Let me remind you that I am actually a member of that movement. Many of those crazy things I said were minor exaggerations of things I’d actually caught myself thinking and some of them (I’m ashamed to admit), I’ve actually said out loud. What brought on the […]

The fallacy of mission

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In today’s church planting movement, almost everyone talks about “mission” and being “on-mission” and what it means to be “missional” or “relevant.” Mission is this really hip, and ultra-cool buzzword that, when used, evokes this sense of understanding in all those “in the know” that proves you are part of the in-crowd… one of the […]

Finally plenary – notes unedited Hopeful subversion – we should all specialize in this In Revelation, rather than moving from the present to the future to determine the future, God moves from the future to the present. The Holy Spirit moves from the future to the present God’s future erupts into our present 6 Things […]

This was the final session and it was a discussion with all the plenary speakers… this set of notes is very incomplete as there was a lot said and much was good, but I’ve captured a good bit (plus I wasn’t there right at the beginning) Question: What is discouraging and encouraging to you right […]

Well, we got here a little early for the final day, so I’m sitting here finally typing up my notes from the first plenary session on day one with Andy Crouch. So, once again, here they are… unedited. The best definition of culture: what we make of the word, in both senses raw material fashioned […]

Once again – these are raw notes… There are two kinds of people People who are artistic People are supposed to support them Art is becoming hip to support, but it’s hard to define who artists are though how are we to respond to that the domain of the beautiful the cross of the artist […]

Again – I’ll be typing notes directly here – unedited with the same goal of reacting to this incredibly relevant discussion about a purchase mentality versus a practice mentality… (I pray these notes bless you as much as it blessed me to be take them down… this was a fabulous session, I’ve become a huge […]

Below are my notes from the breakout session I just attended and they are unedited due to the time constraint of actually finding a place where the post will publish due to my problems acquiring an internet connection (I hope to react to and expand upon these notes in time)… Barbara Nicolosi – Why […]

Over the next few posts, I’ll be posting an accumulation of posts from the course of the day. Apparently, the Wi-Fi connection at First EV Free is saturated and I’ve been unable to get or maintain a connection all day today… but I have been writing… so, here you go. This morning, we recited the […]

Hopefully, you see in these writings a man who is staying The Course and pursuing The Path amidst the pitfalls and selfish ways of being a son of Adam. I pray earnestly that my writing would encourage some of you by showing you that this journey - though arduous and sometimes tragic - is a journey of great satisfaction. A satisfaction greater than our greatest imaginings. The trials and refining fire of tribulation are to be recognized as a small shadow of the suffering of our Savior so that we can rejoice, as Peter and the disciples did, to be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the Name.